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About Us

About Us

Access InfoTech Ltd. is a proactive organization, specializing in customized software development, web development & website design with interactive flash & multimedia animation. This is a new-generation business consulting firm that partners with clients to achieve breakthrough performance. We provide a wide range of consulting services, from defining strategy to implementing solutions.

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To provide every business with the opportunity to make an affordable investment and to meet the complex needs of business growth with high-quality software solutions and services that becomes an asset to it in the years ahead.


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Access InfoTech Ltd. vision is to become the most respected Information Technology and Consulting firm in the South-Asian region, and to provide our valued customers and employee’s exceptional service and satisfaction.


We have a commitment to incorporate our core values in collaborating with our clients and our associates. This is the only way that we can be truly successful. We believe that having INTEGRITY, earning TRUST and showing LOYALTY to our clients is as important as our mission itself.

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